Abby the cat has her back paws on the floor and her front paws on the arm of a chair, looking at you.

This is Abby. She and her brother Harry were rescued as very young kittens from a dumpster by PAWS, a wonderful shelter. Both had the feline leukemia virus. Here's a photo of Abby & Harry shortly after they were rescued.

Abby and her brother came to live at our offices. Abby was one of the friendliest cats. She would greet people in the waiting room. She didn't seem to know how to meow, but she would squeak enthusiastically. If they gave an indication it was OK, she'd crawl up into their laps and purr happily.

She loved to lie herself against people's chests and stare into their eyes. Here's a photo of Abby on the couch, just waiting for someone to sit with her.

Like Harry, Abby also loved to lie in the window, and watch the pond outside, where deer, ducks, geese, foxes, squirrels, chipmunks, possum, and all sorts of birds and other animals would come from the surrounding forest to spend time and drink the water. Here's Abby on a window sill.

Like many cats who have the feline leukemia virus, Abby developed lymphoma. A surgeon was able to remove a cancerous growth pressing against her windpipe and an oncologist administered chemotherapy. She responded well to chemotherapy (cats tend not to experience the negative side-effects of chemotherapy that can affect humans), and went into remission. She lived a long time with us until the cancer suddenly returned and she died peacefully in January, 2004.

Here's a special photo of a wonderful cat. Goodbye, Abby.


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