Blue, Moon, & Flutie

Blue (smiling up on top), Flutie (in the middle, looking down), and Moon (on the bottom, playing), each with the feline leukemia virus, came to live in our offices.

3 cats are having fun, each on a different level of a platform.

Flutie, in addition to being positive for the feline leukemia virus needed ear surgery, originally joined us to keep Abby company when she was lonely after losing her brother Harry to cancer.

When Abby, who was feline leukemia positive, suddenly passed away, we wondered if there might be another feline leukemia positive cat who'd be a special companion for Flutie.

A wonderful rescue group in another state discussed with us the possibility of our adopting Moon. Moon and his brother Blue both had the virus, but Blue was sick, no longer producing red blood cells. Blue was not expected to live more than another week or 2 at most, and they were hoping to find Moon a home as soon as possible.

The more we learned about Moon, the more he seemed like the perfect new friend for Flutie. We drove to meet and spend time with Moon and his brother Blue, gathered up Moon, got into the car, and headed back to CT.

We got about a half a block before realizing what we'd been overlooking, and headed back to pick up Blue so that both Moon and Blue could live with Flutie in our offices. It seemed wrong to separate these brothers, who were so deeply bonded to each other, for whatever time Blue has left. Having planned on driving back with a new cat, we were surprised to find ourselves traveling back with 2.

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