This is Carlyle:

a black cat is in an Amazon box

Ten years ago Carlyle came to us, joining the family of special-needs cats and dogs who live in our home.

She was born with severe cerebellar hypoplasia--it was hard for her to walk, though she could get around a little, and she needed help going to the bathroom.

a black cat is relaxing on a couch

She was the sweetest cat imaginable--you could not pick her up without her purring happily. She loved snuggling or napping with the dogs.

In the photo below, Carlyle is snuggling with Dharma, a dog with an atypical seizure disorder, who is yawning and just about to fall asleep:


a black cat is lying head-to-head with a white dog

In the photo below she is spending time with Maggie, a black dog who was unable to walk due to an injury but now, through rehab, gets around pretty well, and Sirius, a white dog with a non-infectious immune-mediated brain inflammation syndrome (GME: granulomatous meningoencephalitis):

a black cat is relaxing with 2 dogs

Recently her health declined very rapidly. Her heart sometimes beat very slowly, causing her blood pressure to drop and her to become cold. A cardiologist did a comprehensive exam (an echocardiogram, a 24-hour heart monitor, etc.), which indicated that the problem was neurological. Working with specialists, we tried everything we could, but her system gave out and we lost her yesterday (June 8, 2009).

a black cat is lying in the warm light of a blue table lamp

She was the dearest cat -- gentle, full of love and affection -- and it is hard to imagine our family without her.

Goodbye, Carlyle.

Please follow this link to the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home.



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