Sitting upright, motionless, unable to move her back legs, Aurora was actually jumping into our hearts.

A friend in another state had told us about a cat who'd been soaked in gasoline, her spine so damaged that her back legs were permanently paralyzed. She needed a home.

abrown and white cat is looking right at you

When we drove her home from the veterinarians who had been caring for her, she quickly learned how to navigate through all our rooms. Below are some photos of her (including one in her cart) with some of the other special needs cats and dogs who live as a family in our home.

Below she takes a break from looking out the window to inspect the front paw of Dharma, a dog with an atypical seizure disorder:

A cat is leaning over to look at a dog's paw

Here's Aurora on the sofa with 2 other cats whose back legs are permanently paralyzed: Reuben (left), who was shot in the spine with a .22 when he was a kitten, and Jacob, who was found abandoned on the streets as a kitten, with a spine damaged by external trauma:

3 cats, all of whose back legs are paralyzed, sit together on a sofa

Here's Aurora in her cart, though she can zoom through the house without it:

a brown and white cat is in a red cart, whose wheels take the place of her paralyzed back legs

Here's Aurora spending time in one of her favorite places, the window, while Milagro, a dog with a heart condition and a collapsing trachea,takes a nap:

A brown and white cat and a small white dog sit at the window

Please follow this link to see other special needs dogs and cats who live in our home.


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