Ken Pope

I almost missed this miraculous gift by 5 minutes.

A friend in another town sent me a photo and description of an elderly blind dog scheduled to be put down by animal control.

I called immediately and once I told them why, animal control put me on hold.

When they came back, they told me they'd dropped him off at the vet to be put down but they put me on hold while they called, and they caught the vet right before he was about to kill the dog we named Marlowe.

Right below is Marlowe, followed by photos of him with some of the other special needs cats and dogs who live as a family in our home.

a little white dog's face is looking at you

Marlowe hanging out with Harmony, a cat with a rare, incurable muscle disease:

a little cat and dog smuch into each other happily

Marlowe and Ursa, an elderly blind Lab:

a little white dog snuggles up against a large brown Lab

Marlowe with Jonah, a cat who lost a leg to abuse:

a little dog and a little 3-legged car sit together

Marlowe with Argos, and elderly blind and deaf dog found with hair so matted and dirty they had to shave him:

2 little white dogs snuggle their heads together

Marlowe with Frankie, found as a kitten so sick he spent the first month in the E.R., one of his kidneys removed, the other congenitally malformed, infected, and with limited functioningbut he's been with us for 8 years since then and continues to do well with about 25% function from his remaining kidney:

a white dog and an orange cat share the couch

Please follow this link to the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home or click any of the options along the left margin on the screen.


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