Ken Pope

Bodhi was found under a tree, unable to eat or drink, a large wound in his neck.  A friend in another state asked if we might adopt him.  He's brought immense warmth, joy, and an early Thanksgiving for us and for the special-needs dogs and cats who live in our home as part of our family.

A skin graft was needed for the wound, which has begun to heal.  We discovered he had a serious heart condition for which he receives medication and regular visits to the cardiologist.  He also has the feline immunodeficiency virus.

Here are photos of Bodhi and a few of his new pals...

Bodhi's wound when he first moved in:

A black and white cat sits with his neck bent over, showing a large wound.

Bodhi sharing a cat bed with Reuben who was shot with a .22 as a kitten, leaving his back legs permanently paralyzed (though his strong front legs allow him to move as fast as most of the others):

2 cats snuggle together in a cat bed in the corner of the closet

Bodhi, in an e-collar to protect the skin graft, sharing time with Persephone, a cat with serious neurological impairment:

2 cats snuggle in a cat bed

Here's Bodhi sitting in front of some of his pals: Behind Bodhi on the back of the couch is Boone, a dog who suffered abuse that cost him the use of one of his legs; behind Boone on the back of the couch is Jason, a cat with a heart condition who was found barely alive by the side of the highway (whatever had hit him had torn off half his tail and left him with cognitive impairment); asleep in the cat bed on the window sill is Harmony, a cat who has survived for over a decade with feline congenital myotonia, a progressive muscle disease that a neurologist has been treating with an experimental medication; and down there in the lower right corner is Gideon, a dog who was found in the woods in horrific condition, weighing less than 2 pounds at about 6 weeks old:

3 cats and 2 dogs lie along the back of the couch with the windows open.

Please follow this link to the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home.


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