a cat in a cat tree is looking at you

We heard about Lincoln just in time. He was scheduled to be put down at a shelter because of a severe heart condition. A friend asked if we would consider adopting him.

He was a wonderful traveling companion on the trip back to our town where we arranged for a comprehensive examination. Unfortunately, the specialist who conducted the doppler ultrasound said that this was one of the worst cases of heart disease he'd seen.

We are familiar with heart problems because of our wonderful cat, Leon, and arranged for an exceptional cardiologist at Tufts Veterinary School to see Lincoln.

Medications and regular visits to the Tufts cardiologist enabled Lincoln to enjoy life for another 3 and half years. His best friend was Danny, a cat born with the calicivirus, chronic respiratory problems, and eye disorders requiring surgery. Here's Lincoln hugging Danny:

Lincoln the cat is hugging his friend Danny the cat

Lincoln groomed Danny (who unfortunately lost his sister, Rachel, less than a half a year ago) every day:

Lincoln & Danny are snuggled together - 2 cats who love each other

They loved to snuggle together:

a larger cat is putting his paws around his best friend, a smaller cat

Lincoln also liked to spend time with Jacob, a cat whose back legs are paralyzed:

2 cats are sunning themselves on the floor in an open doorway

In this photo, Lincoln, who had just joined our family, greets Betty, a blind kitten who is ready to meet the new family member:

A little blind kitty is standing on her hind legs, stretching up to meet Lincoln, a cat sitting in a chair.

Here's Lincoln lounging on a table:

Lincoln the cat is looking at you

Unfortunately, Lincoln's heart began to fail and adjusting the meds no longer helped. The team at Tufts tried a surgical procedure to help Lincoln's heart but complications developed during the surgery and he passed away in post-op intensive care.

Lincoln was a remarkable cat, a wonderful part of our family. He liked to cuddle during the day but one of his favorite routines was to wait until I was asleep, then come lie on my chest, kneading and purring loudly. He was a special part of of our lives and our home is not the same without him.

Lincoln the cat is sitting on the floor, looking up at you

Please follow this link to the family of special needs dogs and cats who live in our home.




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