A friend told us about Willow just hours before animal control had scheduled her to be put down. 

They described her as a blind and deaf kitten who, because of spinal trauma, was unable to extend her legs fully or walk steadily.

Here's a photo of Willow at the shelter:

A brown, black, and white kitten sits in the corner of a shelter

We quickly arranged for her to be transferred to a shelter in our state and brought her home. 

She instantly made friends with the other special needs cats and dogs who live in our home and has made this a very special Thanksgiving this year.

Here she is in her favorite chair:

a white, black, & tan kitten is looking up at you from a chair

Taking a nap:

a little kitten is curled up in a chair

Nuzzling Ursa, an old blind and deaf Lab:

a large brown lab and a small kitten are touching noses

Sharing her favorite chair with Pandora, a dog born with one eye and a heart defect:

a little kitten and a one-eyed dog share a chair

Cuddling with her favorite toy bunny:

a little kitten snuggles under her toy cloth rabbit

Please follow this link to the other special-needs dogs and cats who live as a family in our home.


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