Ken Pope, Ph.D., ABPP

A vicious attack took out one of this little dog's eyes and left him blind in the other. He was rushed to surgery to save his life, and during the procedure he suffered a brain bleed that led to seizures which are now controlled through meds.

When we were told Zeno needed a home, he jumped into our hearts, and we drove to another state to pick him up. Showing amazing spirit and resilience, he immediately made friends with the other special needs cats and dogs who live in our home. Taking less than a day to learn the house and the yard, he races joyfully around both, as fast as any of the others.

Here's Zeno:

a little blind dog with one eye is standing facing you

Zeno cuddling with Bodhi, a cat found outside with a severe wound on his neck, unable to eat or drink:

a little blind do cuddles with a little cat who has a wound on his neck

Zeno sharing a bed with Maxx, a little dog with advanced heart disease:

a little blind dog & a dog with a heart condition sit side-by-side

Zeno snoozing with Frankie, a cat who gets by with only one kidney functioning at one-fourth capacity, and Jason, a cat found almost dead by the side of the road with his spine fractured, half his tail torn off, and permanent cognitive damage:

a little blind dog cuddles with a cat who has only 1/4 kidney function and a cat with neurological problems

Please follow this link -- or click on any of the names along the left side of the screen -- to see the current and former special needs dogs and cats who have come to live together in our home as part of our family.


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