Ken Pope

The dog we named Argos (from the Odyssey but with a happier ending) jumped from this photograph, taken in the Animal Control Pound in another state, into our hearts:

a frightened, emaciated white dog is oped to the wall in a pound

Dehydrated, without functional hearing or sight, hardly able to stand, Argos was covered with heavily matted fur so deeply caked with filth that they'd had to shave him.

When we called to tell them we could pick him up the day after tomorrow (our day off), they said he'd never last that long, that we'd have to come pick him up that day and give him emergency medical care. A wonderful rescue group helped us with arrangements so that we could get him in time. We admitted him to our local hospital and he managed to pull through. 

Once in his new home, Argos has been a special joy, full of surprises.  Here he is cuddling with some of his friends among the special needs cats and dogs who live as part of our family in our home.

With Calypso, a blind cat:

a blind orange cat leans happily against a white dog

With Maggie, a dog with spinal problems & cancer:

a little white dog snuggles her face next to a brown and black dog

With Harmony, a cat with a rare muscle disease:

an orange & white cat with a muscle disease curls up with a white dog

WIth Marlowe, an elderly blind & deaf dog:

a little white dog rests his head on another dog's back

With Danny, a cat born with eye problems who developed the calicivirus & chronic respiratory problems:

a little white dog sleeps with his head on a little black cat

With Jason, a cat with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The police had found Jason abandoned by the side of the road. He'd been hit by a car, lost half of his tail, and suffered neurological trauma:

a black & white cat snuggles up against a white dog

With Ursa, an elderly blind & deaf Lab mix:

a little white dog is lying down with her head right next to a large brown lab mix

Argos surprised us by how much he enjoyed walking in the snow:

a white dog in a purple coat explores the snow

In fact, he loved to spend quite a while exploring:

a little white dog tromps through the snow

But then come over to let us know he wants to go back inside his home:

a littl e white dog is standing in the snow, facing you

Please follow this link to the other special-needs dogs and cats who live as a family in our home.



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