Milagro & The Lion

Milagro, a tiny dog, is lying across a stuffed toy lion that is several times bigger than he is.

Here's Milagro, tuckered out, resting on his favorite lion. I'm writing this the third day after his PDA procedure at Tufts. We brought him back home yesterday. He no longer has a murmur, his lungs are clear, and he has moved out of congestive heart failure. He's not out of the woods yet -- one of the big risks is that the coils will dislodge during the next few weeks -- but his heart rate and blood pressure are now normal. There is even some chance that the damage that the PDA inflicted on his heart may be reversed. The veterinarians and others have brought about a series of miracles that saved Milagro when his heart started to fail, found a way to patch his heart problem, and gave him a chance to live out his years with a high quality of life. Welcome home, Milagro!

Please follow this link to see Milagro with his best friend, Dharma.

Please follow this link to see Milagro after his first heart operation.

Please follow this link to the family of special-needs cats and dogs who live in our home.


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