This is a photo of Stormy the cat cuddling with one of her best friends, Annie, an elderly blind dog:

a small white cat is lying next to an elderly white dog

The first message we received asking about the possibility of our adopting Stormy said that she likely had epilepsy because she experienced seizures and was unable to walk. We took her to Tufts Veterinary School for a neuropsychological assessment, including an MRI & CFS analysis.

Stormy had a slow, genetically-transmitted degenerative disorder of the brain, which already showed severe cerebellar and cortical atrophy. The specialists indicated that there was no effective treatment. Supportive care was the only option.

Stormy lived with us for a year as a member of the family of special needs cats and dogs in our home. Though she enjoyed spending time with several other cats and dogs, her closest friend was Maggie, a dachshund whose spinal condition made it difficult for her to walk. Maggie adopted Stormy as if she were one of her own puppies, spending hours cuddling with her. Two or three times each day, Maggie would groom Stormy, licking her sparkling clean.

The end came quickly -- her brain reached a point where her whole system failed and she was gone.

As you can see from the following photo, she was easy to fall in love with:

a little white cat is looking at you

Please follow this link to see photos of some of the other special-needs dogs and cats that live as a family in our home.



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