A little cat face looks up through some roses.

When Blue came to live at our offices, he was not expect to live more than a week or 2 at most. His body was unable to make red blood cells.

Blue was with us a wonderful 2 months. Whenever a lap was available, Blue would crawl carefully up into it and purr contentedly. If he was feeling particularly chipper, he'd pull all 6 pounds of himself up on a shoulder and settle in. He was such a rhapsody of warmth, closeness, and engagement, he had a way of turning even those who didn't think of themselves as "cat people" into "cat people" when they were around him, or at least into Blue's friend.

Sometimes quiet because of his condition, he loved to lie in the sunlight. One of his favorite things to do was to drink water from the rose vase. If you laid down on the couch to take a nap, he, like Abby, would crawl up and lie down on your chest, purring loudly.

Blue and his brother Moon loved to be together, to play together. When Blue was feeling weak from his leukemia and his shortage of red blood cells (his hematocrit was as low as 4), Moon would snuggle next to him, grooming him and keeping him warm.

Blue was so remarkable, so gentle and friendly, a wonderful companion for Moon and Flutie, a lovely part of our lives, and a special gift to us and to so many who came to our offices.

Please follow this link for a family of special-needs cats and dogs who live in our home.


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