A white cat looks at you over 2 roses.

Moon was a wonderfully gentle and friendly cat with the feline leukemia virus. When he moved into the offices with his brother Blue, who also had the virus, he charmed his way into the hearts of everyone who visited.

Moon loved to lie in the window and watch the squirrels, deer, and other wildlife.

He loved to play with his brother Blue. When Blue became weak with leukemia, Moon snuggled next to him, grooming him and keeping him warm.

Moon, Blue, and Flutie were 3 pals who loved to play together, finding seemingly endless ways to have fun with each other.

When Moon passed away from leukemia, one of his dear friends made a special collage to say, "Goodnight, Moon."

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Please follow this link to the family of special-needs cats & dogs who live in our home.


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