A little orange and white cat is lying in a chair looking at you.


This is Flutie, a kitten with the feline leukemia virus, Horner's Syndrome, and an ear condition that required surgery. Flutie came to our offices to be a friend to Abby, another cat with the feline leukemia virus, who was lonely when her brother Harry died.

Flutie loved her very much. Here he is grooming Abby when she was sick.

When Abby died, Flutie was lonely, which led to the arrival of 2 brothers -- Blue and Moon -- who also had the feline leukemia virus. Blue was not expected to live more than a week or two when he arrived. The three of them became great friends.

When Blue died, Flutie and Moon's bond seemed to deepen.

When we first adopted him, Flutie was a little fella, but full of energy. He seemed to have such great fun, both when he was jumping around in play and when he stretched out to relax.

Flutie found such joy in life, in every toy, in every bird he saw outside the windows, in every person who came by to say hello. Flutie loved crawl up into your lap, put his paws on your chest, and rub his face softly against your cheek. He made so many people happy when he did this.

Flutie went quickly and peacefully. He developed a high fever and his body quit making red blood cells. There was nothing that his internist or oncologist could do.

Flutie was wonderful in so many ways that many people who got to know him called him an angel. When he died, one of his friends looked at a photo of him and said it should be called "Flutie Gets His Wings."


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